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SPS Team Spring Sale April 18-22

Here is the official list of the Spring Sale Participants :
1. 20% off
2. 20% off
3. 15% off
4. 15% off
5. 15OFF (discount + cc)
6. 20% off
7. 20% off
8. 15% off
9. ~ 15% off
10. – 15% off
11. – 15% off
12. 20% off
13. 15% off
14. 20% off
15. 15% off
16. 10% off
17. 15% off
18. 15% off
19. 10%off
20. 20% off
21. 15% OFFPicMonkey Collage2

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My commute

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Kitchen scrap gardening

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Wintery Maine Treasury

‘Wintery Maine’ by threefatesfiber

“Cold and harsh, Breathtaking at times, Winter takes over.Daylight hours fade quicker with each day. The sun is frozen.Blanket Of snow, Covering it all, Springs far away.”

Portland HeadLight Winter no…


A Snowy Winters Morning 8×10…


Moon and Trees Batik Print


Frost Dragon


Snowdrop – Stained Glass Pen…


Maine Snowy Day Mixed Media …


Toddler Boy Girl Ear Flap Ha…


Felted wool mittens made fro…


Earthy Browns Wool Hat with …


wooden block inspirational …


Personalized Handstamped Nam…


White Pine Soy Candle – 4 o…


Snowflake silver etruscan ea…


Winter Rose Jewelry Box


Photograph – Archival Maine …


Decorative Pillow / Wool Pil…


Treasury tool supported by the dog house

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Apocalypse and Christmas

IS ANYBODY OUT THERE???  So who’s all here still??  anything major going on with you.. Here in Maine it snowed and now it’s mildly raining.. hmm snow in December, completely unheard of…  It makes sense the Apocalypse would happen in December, is this not one of the most chaotic months???? Good luck to all you possible Zombies!  May your holidays be filled with Brains

As for Christmas, what’s your family traditions? Do you shop local, at big chains, a combination? Do you celebrate Christmas, Yule, Hanukkah??? Do you have a homemade Christmas or go bankrupt buying gifts??  We do a combination of local and non local, though I try and stay with homemade and local, its not always easy, is it?? Our Christmas day is just us immediate family.. We eat and play board games after presents of course.. Hope everyone has a very happy holidays!


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Camping at Moosehead Lake

All these pictures were taken In Northern Maine at Moosehead Lake.. We went camping on Moosehead Lake up past Kokadjo (population ‘not many’).. Its gorgeous area. These are just some pictures, later I’ll post about our trip…

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weaving pics…..

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another day of weaving

Sorry if the pictures aren’t the greatest I forgot my camera so I used my phone camera… Hope you all like the pics… 😉

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weaving today

I played a little with my webcam today while weaving.. Even though I played with the webcam I actually did weave about 8 inches before my butt went numb.. I also spun up some wonderful wool….

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My newest Etsy Treasury; Over the Rainbow

‘Over the Rainbow’ by threefatesfiber

Anyone else just really love color???

Rainbow Rhinestone Statement…


Chakra Necklace Reiki Jewelr…


Swarovski Bracelet, Sweet Ra…


Red Brass Gold Rainbow Amber…


Rainbow Bright Tutu Dress – …


Natural Rainbow Wooden Rattl…


Hand Dyed Merino Yarn, Organ…


Tie-Dye, Groovy, Hippie, Dic…


Daisy Rainbow: Decorative Li…


Fuschia Blue Purple Green Ha…


rainbow mosaic mirror


rainbow crayon art


72″ Original Modern Tex…


3 Panel Rainbow Landscape Or…


Handwoven towel – Rainbow Pl…


Caravan Coiled Mat, Trivet, …


Treasury tool supported by the dog house

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