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SPS Team Spring Sale April 18-22

Here is the official list of the Spring Sale Participants :
1. 20% off
2. 20% off
3. 15% off
4. 15% off
5. 15OFF (discount + cc)
6. 20% off
7. 20% off
8. 15% off
9. ~ 15% off
10. – 15% off
11. – 15% off
12. 20% off
13. 15% off
14. 20% off
15. 15% off
16. 10% off
17. 15% off
18. 15% off
19. 10%off
20. 20% off
21. 15% OFFPicMonkey Collage2

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yarn Stash Reduction sale

yarn Stash Reduction sale

Stash reduction. Superfine merino boucle; black (4 skeins) & red (9 skeins) $3/skein or all for $25 (plus shipping.. Or BO…

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3 artists

Check out these three wonderful artist!



Spruce Cottage Knits

Unique hand knitted items. Made in Maine by a passionate knitter.  Quality yarn and quality knitting.

Where to find them;





Rewondered offers handmade, upcycled and refurbished products, including jewelry, clothing and accessories, costume and cosplay pieces, and household items. We specialize in items for the gamer girl, cosplayer, geek, punk, goth, music lover, steampunk enthusiast, and anyone who wants to express their style in a distinctive and unconventional fashion.

Where to find them;


Etsy shop


Rustic Craft Design

–handcrafted, modern-rustic designs–
Creating eco-conscious, functional and beautiful items from natural or salvaged materials; providing consumers with attractive hand crafted items to fit their green lifestyle in a beautiful way.

Where to find them;



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Christmas Farm Alpacas & Friends Holiday Craft Show |

Christmas Farm Alpacas & Friends Holiday Craft Show |.


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Some new listing @ Etsy

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too funny: 20 pick-up lines for knitters

20 Pick-Up Lines for Knitters

by on March 6, 2012 in Fashion

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Because knitting should have a lot more sexy dialogue.

Ask a knitter if they think using their hands to create is only for crazy cat ladies and they just might stab you with a poison needle. These fiber shape shifters are actually at the forefront of something very liberating, sexy, counter-culture and inspiring which is why we think pick up lines to try outside of the confines of the underground knitting circle, craft fair or feminist yarnfest is in order.

Whether you’re a seasoned knitter who likes to meditate with the craft or you’re a renegade hipster feverishly yarn bombing community landmarks, these 20 pick up lines just might make your hobby a whole lot sexier.

1. Your yarn is sooooo soft. Touch mine.

2. You’re so cute I’d give you my pattern for free.

3. There’s nothing quite like a new ball of yarn in the hand, don’t you agree?

4. I want to frog you.

5. I’ve been looking across the room at you all night and I think it’s high time we purl the two of us together.

6. Let’s repeat.

7. You do that like you’ve been slip stitching your whole life.

8. Let’s finish off this dinner then try some back-looping.

9.  Your needle tips are so cold, let me warm them for you.

10. I soooo want to handle your hank.

11. Are you left-handed or right?

12. Do you like your yarn forward or back?

13. You’re loose like chenille.

14. I like my men like my balls of yarn, manageable.

15. What will it take to convert you to come home with me?

16. Ooooh, a blocker playing hard to get!

17. You like working with naturally dyed yarns? That’s so raw.

18. What I wouldn’t give for some of your purls of wisdom.

19. (kiss me) many times.

20. You make me so hot I want to cast off.


‘Crafty SAHMs Wonderful Creations’ Etsy treasury

My newest Etsy treasury featuring the members of the Crafty SAHM’s team.. take a look at the beautiful work they all do…

‘Crafty SAHMs Wonderful Creations’ by threefatesfiber

Just some of the wonderful and beautiful work that the members of Crafty SAHM’s team members put out there for our enjoyment!

Making waves…


Chrysanthemum Bobby Pins-Red…


Spring Purple Art Print


Cotton Tshirt yarn Pink


Healers Hand Seaglass Pendan…


Bellflower bracelet- handmad…


Old rustic cross Choker


Chocolate Multi-Rosette Stre…


gemstone nuggets leather nec…


Bead Wrapped Headband – Sea …


Crochet baby mobile – bees a…


Living in Outer Space – Bead…


Felted Duffle Bag- made to o…


Glass Vial Pendant


Coffee Cup Fairy – Print


Flower Jewelry – Rose Neckla…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

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New Etsy postings and pictures

I added 3 new yarns to my Three Fates Fiber Etsy shop today.. I know it’s been a long time coming but here are a few skeins so, come and take a look at them..

Here’s a few pictures of the yarn…

hand dyed merino sock yarn 440 yards

137 yards hand dyed wool yarn

hand dyed merino sock yarn 440 yards
























I’m also adding a picture of my beautiful lilies my husband, Craig, bought me for our anniversay/valentines day…  We’ve been married for 13 years…  Somedays it still amazes me that were married, but thats a story for another day…


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Newest Etsy Treasury

‘Pink and Grey’ by threefatesfiber

I love this color combination…. It’s both elegant and fun…

EtsyXO, Pink and Grey Sock Y…


Pink And Grey Multi Strand B…


Modern Pink and Grey Patchwo…


Necklace scarf – scarflette …


All Natural Alpaca Handspun …


Mini Skein Wool Yarn Keychai…


Flying High 8X10 Nursery Pri…


Gray and Hot Pink Striped Cr…


Beach Stone Jewelry- Drilled…


Mandala Necklace Hand-painte…


Broken Heart – Handpainted s…


Handmade Plush Bear – Pink a…


Handmade Lampwork Glass Foca…


Pink Storm Art Batt 6 oz


Black and Gray Camo With A T…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.


Newest Etsy Treasury: Christmas In Maine

‘Christmas in MAINE’ by threefatesfiber

It’s Christmas time + live in Maine (love the state) = Christmas in Maine.. Great Holiday gifts for everyone!

Lobster Christmas Stock…


Northern Maine Woods Ch…


Adorable Angel Seaglass…


Trio of Scenic Birch Ba…


Snowman Door Hanger


Whoopie Pie Holiday (we…


Winter in Maine – set o…


Necklace – Snow & winte…


Maine Barn Photo Landsc…


Hooked Rug Table Runner…


Do-It-Yourself Winter G…


Winter Beer Soap – Natu…


Cloudy Winter Sky Alpac…


Handcrafted charm style…




Snow Covered Tree of Li…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

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