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finishing my weaving on the triloom

finishing my weaving on the triloom

finished my triloom weaving, now it’s a lap blanket.

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Warped for a new project….

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weaving pics…..

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another day of weaving

Sorry if the pictures aren’t the greatest I forgot my camera so I used my phone camera… Hope you all like the pics… 😉

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weaving today

I played a little with my webcam today while weaving.. Even though I played with the webcam I actually did weave about 8 inches before my butt went numb.. I also spun up some wonderful wool….

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Kitchen Renovation; The Countertops!

I love it.. its so much better than our old green countertop.. the room (even with the fridge in the middle of the room) looks so much brighter and airy.. now we need to do the backsplash.. that may be a few weeks, considering how expensive they can be and that were not sure what type we want.. hmmmmmm, yup may take a little while, but I will post all photos when we do it…. 😉

Oh yeah, IT ACTUALLY WAS A WEEKEND PROJECT, granted you can’t use the countertops for a week, but the project itself was a weekend project.. NICE!

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Kitchen Renovation; The Cabinets

So heres my cabinet renovation.. We decided to paint them with a rustoleum product called cabinet transformation.. It took ALOT of work and time but we love them, they came out wonderfully… If you like its a very cheap (compared to buying new cabinets) option to brighten and improve your kitchen cabinets… and no they didn’t pay me and neither am I affiliated with them, just a very happy customer. We also updated our hardware from contractors special to brushed nickel decorative hardware.

This is what I was going for with the cabinet paintjob.. (no these aren’t my cabinets, just my comparison)

shelves and products are out of the cabinets

the mess caused by empty cabinets..

still need to take down the d*mn cabinets…

Cabinet doors first coat on one side.. 6 coats to go.. Yay..

close up of my glazed cabinet, pic is darker than it actually is..

doors are still curing but I’m putting stuff back anyway…

finally putting stuff back in cabinets, though no doors yet, still drying..

reinstalling the doors…

some of the cabinets installed again.. Yahoo!

installed cabinet organizers.. 30 min. project, took hours… never believe the “it takes only” always double or triple the time it says it takes…


The counter top should be interesting we’re using another rustoleum product, so stay tuned and I’ll tell you how it all goes!

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Kitchen Renovation: The door

So who ever tells you that putting in a new exterior door is a quick and easy project is a LIAR! 😉

We (mostly my wonderful husband) put in a new door.  As we were ripping out for the door, we found rot, yup you heard us rot.. The contractors put the metal flashing to protect the wood on the inside of the wood with nothing to protect the outside and water kept hitting it… It crumbled in our hand.. We wound up pulling up our flooring and subfloor (some of it was also rotted) so that we could see into our basement. So we had to fix our structural rot before moving onto putting in the door..
The first day of construction the sun was out and it was gorgeous.. We thought the next day was going to be sunny as well, only to find that the weather had change to RAIN lots and lots of RAIN. So at 1am we were outside putting up a screen tent and duct taping plastic to our house and the tent so that we could work out in the rain and not get soaked.  This whole project took 2ish days, inside trim isn’t done yet.

taking off siding

our ripped out exterior due to rotted wood.

and my flooring gets ripped up

taking up flooring

our ripped out subfloor, say hi to the basement.. Don’t step on the insulation, that would be bad..

Finished door

now we move onto refinishing our kitchen cabinets.. Were attempting to use a product from Rustoleum (

Next time on Darling Kitchen Renovation: Refinishing kitchen cabinets

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our kitchen renovation; the sink

So we decided to renovate our kitchen, we started with the sink… Our “6 hour project” became a good 12+ hour project ending at about 1 am.. We had to go to Lowes at least 4 times for different pieces.. The sink project actually started with just changing and upgrading the sink fixture, than we fell for the sink and figured what the hell.. Just a few obstacles we ran into, we measured our copper tubing for connectors only to find after we cut the copper it was tapered, so we had wrong size fittings… That was just one problem, but we love our new sink and fixtures…

installing new sink

sink changing tornado

Next project kitchen door….

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What I did today — somewhat

recycled silk yarn

I finally got off my butt and did a few things… First I’m running a drawing for my FB Fanpage (, come and like my page and than like my comment about the drawing and you could win a skein of recycled silk yarn from Nepal, approx. 100yds..

I also finally made my Kindle cover, I kept worrying about it being in my endless packed bag that I carry everywhere so I made this:

kindle cover

inside of kindle cover

free form stained glass window

and for the hell of it I took a picture of a free form stained glass window I made when I first started stain glass…

Thats it for today folks see ya next time when I……..hmmmm I don’t know I guess that’ll be a surprise… So I’m off to Jiu Jitsu with hubby and than hockey with my youngest daughter…

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