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Camping at Moosehead Lake

All these pictures were taken In Northern Maine at Moosehead Lake.. We went camping on Moosehead Lake up past Kokadjo (population ‘not many’).. Its gorgeous area. These are just some pictures, later I’ll post about our trip…

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spring cleaning the studio

In the process of spring cleaning my studio.. We’ve completely rearranged it, now were putting it back together. I’ll post pictures when its completely done… Its looking so good, I’m decluttering, going to be getting rid of some stuff to make way for new and to release some old… Its starting to make me want to craft more, giving me new creative energy, it was just sucking all my creativity out.. Hopefully now I can start crafting WAY more… and yes my Mom came to Maine (from Minnesota) to help me rearrange my studio, visit the family, and play scrabble.. 😉

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Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD); Compassion Into Action by Misery White

Ben ( also known as Power Boy) is my nephew and he’s battling ALD, and unfortunately his fight is a long, painful, and difficult journey…


This started as a letter I was going to send to Ben, a.k.a. Power Boy, after recently meeting him and his family at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Ben was undergoing tests there to determine status of progression of his ALD. ALD refers to Adrenoleukodystrophy, a rare hereditary disorder that affects the brain, adrenal glands, and myelin sheath which insulates many nerves in the central and peripheral nervous systems.

To find out more about Ben, ALD, and how you can contribute to alleviate some of the out-of-pocket family travel and boarding expenses needed for increased Mayo appointments, please visit “Power Boy ALD Awareness on Facebook.

As another means to learn and show support, observe Rare Disease Day, Feb 2, 2012, with “L.O.V.E.: Let Our Voices Echo.” On this day, patients and families will share their stories to focus a spotlight on rare diseases as an important global…

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my birthday flowers

My birthday was Jan. 19th I celebrated it in the hospital, my mother in law had an brain aneurysm. So on one hand not my best birthday, on the other hand my wonderful husband tried, we had lunch out, delicious.. We went to Longhorn steakhouse. I got flowers from my parents, beautiful… and my mother in law made it out of her surgery with flying colors, best gift EVER! Now it’s a wait and see game the doctors say the first 3 weeks are the riskiest.. One of my grandmothers died of this so it’s rather scary.. But we’re cautiously optimistic…

I did finish my 2nd camera case, the first I made for my eldest daughter for xmas. This one I added pockets so it took about 3 attempts to do.. I’m somewhat proud…

So theres my newest post.. I’ll try to post more soon, not to mentions I’m hoping to add more to my Etsy (

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One More Time

 -One more time-
I can tell that you’re really looking for someone, just like me. I don’t know how, but if you could hear me, I’d be telling you I want you as a f…amily. Please pick me from the litter I don’t want to be passed up one more time.
I can’t speak and don’t know what you’re saying, but I can tell when your upset and I’ll make you feel better if only for just one more time.
I’m so excited and love it when we get together and throw the ball around. I don’t want it to end, but I know that it will. I’ll move until I just can’t move any more, each time giving it my all. Please throw me the ball, just one more time.
I love it when we go to the river and you let me off the leash and jump around in the water, but I can tell you’re mad when I run off. I don’t want you upset, but I can’t resist jumping in the water just one more time.
I run off from time to time and can hear you yelling in the distance, calling my name over and over. Eventually you stop, but I expect any minute for you to yell it just one more time.
You brought a new friend home to me, that tests everything that I am. He has more energy than I do now and I can’t do everything he wants. He’s new to a lot of things and I try to teach him, but I’m tired and don’t think I can do it one more time.
You and I shared a look the other day and we both new something that we really didn’t want to say. We both know that it’s more and more that I can’t do what I need. Every time I get up I convince myself that I can do it just one more time.
We had another Christmas and I chewed on that bone for as long as I could. Butters kept trying to take it, but could tell from my look that I wouldn’t put up with it one more time.
I woke up this morning and looked at my bowl and the water that I so badly wanted but couldn’t get. You brought it to me, but I know that can’t last. I’m really thankful but I can’t have you do that one more time.
We’ve all gathered and I know that were saying goodbye, I see your pain and can’t stand to cause that one more time.
You’ve been my friend and I already miss you. Please visit us in any way that you can Karma, we can do everything you want just one more time.

by Craig Darling 2011

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our dog Karma has been with us for 13 years and today we had to make the hard choice of whether or not to let her go.   She was in pain, and could barely walk anymore, but she was family..  How in hell did a dog become family??  Because she was a constant in our lives giving us love and comfort whenever we needed it..   She was a mother hen, knew EXACTLY when the kids should be getting off the bus,  and hated it when they spent the night elsewhere.. She’d pace until they came home.  She was guardian, friend, and family.  Now she’s gone.  My family is grief stricken and crushed…  My younger kids have never known life without Karma and she was around for half of my oldests life..  How do you deal with that being cut out..  We took her to Fryeburg Vet to put her to sleep, a life changing event that took all of 20 minutes… Though were grieving we also realize that at least she’s no longer in pain, and she went calmly and peacefully, isn’t that all we can hope for during such a time…

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The night before Christmas

and all through the house not a creature was stirring except mom, baking and crafting up a storm…  I’m posting the cookie pics but not the craft pics until tomorrow when its safe.. 😉  Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight……..

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Triple Moon from my Etsy is in this treasury

My sister is the artist of the piece featured, she’s the woodburner in the family.  So Triple Moon is her creation.

‘This wood is Hott!’ by CuteAndCoolThings

inspired by wildfireflies wooden guest book! Fun Pomotions team!

Burned Wood Laddle/Spoo…


Guest Book Wooden Rusti…


Tree Burned Into Wood -…


Triple Moon carved and …


Wooden Box Purse – Wood…


Burned wood door hanger…


Wood Burned Memory Box …


New Moon Pendant on Bla…


Man Cave Wood Burned Si…


Wooden Peace Friendship…


Monster Plaque


Wood Burned Log Cabin P…


Custom Decorative Birdh…


Wood ornament Gift Tag,…


Wood Burned Old West Fl…


Bird Carving Owl wood b…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

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Didn’t realize how long since I’ve updated… Lets see the highlights.

1. Sage is in college now. still plans on being a doctor. She’s attending USM, with plans of doing one more year there and than transfering somewhere else. She hasn’t been playing field hockey
😦 bummer she’s good. But she replaced that with a job at a candy store… still does well at school and is living at the dorms…

2. Shane is playing middle school hockey and is doing well at school. still struggling with reading. He starts middle school this coming school year.. He’s still very much a gamer… he also enjoys telling me which guns are better…

3. India is a drama queen and going through the “everyone’s mean to me” stage, and its not my fault stage… She was in cheering, that was interesting. She wants to play more hockey next year, so she wants to join the huskies.. we’ll see. driving one kid every week at 5 am is enough, so we’ll see…

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