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SPS Team Spring Sale April 18-22

Here is the official list of the Spring Sale Participants :
1. 20% off
2. 20% off
3. 15% off
4. 15% off
5. 15OFF (discount + cc)
6. 20% off
7. 20% off
8. 15% off
9. ~ 15% off
10. – 15% off
11. – 15% off
12. 20% off
13. 15% off
14. 20% off
15. 15% off
16. 10% off
17. 15% off
18. 15% off
19. 10%off
20. 20% off
21. 15% OFFPicMonkey Collage2

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Follow the Snow flake craft show at Christmas Farm Alpacas

In Buxton, ME…  Come and check us out!!  Should be very cool, and what a great way to start your Christmas shopping which is only 40 some days away.. Shop local!!!


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What I did today — somewhat

recycled silk yarn

I finally got off my butt and did a few things… First I’m running a drawing for my FB Fanpage (, come and like my page and than like my comment about the drawing and you could win a skein of recycled silk yarn from Nepal, approx. 100yds..

I also finally made my Kindle cover, I kept worrying about it being in my endless packed bag that I carry everywhere so I made this:

kindle cover

inside of kindle cover

free form stained glass window

and for the hell of it I took a picture of a free form stained glass window I made when I first started stain glass…

Thats it for today folks see ya next time when I……..hmmmm I don’t know I guess that’ll be a surprise… So I’m off to Jiu Jitsu with hubby and than hockey with my youngest daughter…

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projects that i’m working on

My studio after some cleaning

paper I’ve been making

my middle panels of the window I’ve been working on

another studio pic

my window with 1 panel…

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signs of ambition

The first panel of a 6 pane window, that I’m working on..

This is the design of the window

This is the salvaged window frame for my project.. still needs painting…

I also started a project on my triloom…

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