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Make a mosaic for your garden: Here’s how to make a Mosaic Garden Ball

on April 7, 2015

Definitely on my must try list…

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It’s hot, it’s dry, and with a record breaking drought across most of the country, no amount of watering is going to make the garden look good. What might help the garden, however, would be a burst of color from a Mosaic Garden Ball – or two or three. I thought I would share a few ideas this week for DIY Mosaic Garden Balls, starting with a tutorial from Cath at CathGrace.

How to make mosaic garden balls Mosaic Garden Balls by Cath at CathGrace

As Cath points out, the grout is weather resistant, making these Garden Mosaic Balls well suited to the great outdoors. Cath used E6000 as her adhesive, and because the adhesive contains solvents, it can melt a small portion of the foam. You could also use a low-temp glue gun or ceramic tile adhesive to adhere the mosaic pieces.

What I love about these is that the dark grout makes…

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