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Moosehead camping trip

on September 8, 2013

We went camping up in moosehead Maine. Such a beautiful area. We went with our friends The Landry’s and much like last year it was adventurous…. Though we didn’t wind up on North Woods Law like last year. The Landrys car broke down on the 2nd day of camping. The A frame (I think) broke on those bumpy bumpy roads. Than I decided to step on an ax that fileted my middle toe, leading to me going to the hospital and receiving 6 stitches that run from the top of my toe to the bottom. All that aside it was fun. We hiked moxie falls and that hike is gorgeous! We also checked out the B52 crash site which was sad and pretty cool.. Now its back to school for the kiddies and reality for the parents.. If I could run from the coming winter ( I hate winter and cold) I would.


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