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3 artists

on January 21, 2013

Check out these three wonderful artist!



Spruce Cottage Knits

Unique hand knitted items. Made in Maine by a passionate knitter.  Quality yarn and quality knitting.

Where to find them;





Rewondered offers handmade, upcycled and refurbished products, including jewelry, clothing and accessories, costume and cosplay pieces, and household items. We specialize in items for the gamer girl, cosplayer, geek, punk, goth, music lover, steampunk enthusiast, and anyone who wants to express their style in a distinctive and unconventional fashion.

Where to find them;


Etsy shop


Rustic Craft Design

–handcrafted, modern-rustic designs–
Creating eco-conscious, functional and beautiful items from natural or salvaged materials; providing consumers with attractive hand crafted items to fit their green lifestyle in a beautiful way.

Where to find them;




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