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Etsy about page

on October 18, 2012

I just published my etsy about page.  Below is my story, but jump on over to my shop and check it out…


My journey through the land of crafting to creating Three Fates Fiber…

                   My grandmother knitted, I remember watching her, it was magic. so one christmas, years later, I decided to teach myself to knit.  Using the internet and a book, I taught myself how to knit.  It was soothing to me, the clicking of the needles is meditative. That was my knitting journey which continues.
                Weaving as well started when I was young. One of my earliest memories was watching this older woman weave a rag rug.  She had a loom that filled up a small room.  On a table close by was a pile, ceiling high of cut up strips of fabric.  I remember saying; thats what I want to do.  Roughly 20 years later I was able to take a weaving class.  I found that weaving and knitting led me to spinning.
In my travels through the land of crafting I’ve found many loves; stained glass, jewelry, weaving, knitting, papermaking, rughooking.  The list goes on and on and just kept getting longer, so I had to do something about it.  Doing something about my love and obsession of crafting was the creation of Three Fates Fiber.
The name of my business; Three Fates Fiber, came about for 3 reasons. 1. my 3 kids 2. fascination of Greek mythology 3. my 2 sisters and myself my life seems to have a lot of 3s in it..

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