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Kitchen Renovation; The Cabinets

on May 22, 2012

So heres my cabinet renovation.. We decided to paint them with a rustoleum product called cabinet transformation.. It took ALOT of work and time but we love them, they came out wonderfully… If you like its a very cheap (compared to buying new cabinets) option to brighten and improve your kitchen cabinets… and no they didn’t pay me and neither am I affiliated with them, just a very happy customer. We also updated our hardware from contractors special to brushed nickel decorative hardware.

This is what I was going for with the cabinet paintjob.. (no these aren’t my cabinets, just my comparison)

shelves and products are out of the cabinets

the mess caused by empty cabinets..

still need to take down the d*mn cabinets…

Cabinet doors first coat on one side.. 6 coats to go.. Yay..

close up of my glazed cabinet, pic is darker than it actually is..

doors are still curing but I’m putting stuff back anyway…

finally putting stuff back in cabinets, though no doors yet, still drying..

reinstalling the doors…

some of the cabinets installed again.. Yahoo!

installed cabinet organizers.. 30 min. project, took hours… never believe the “it takes only” always double or triple the time it says it takes…


The counter top should be interesting we’re using another rustoleum product, so stay tuned and I’ll tell you how it all goes!


One response to “Kitchen Renovation; The Cabinets

  1. sonalirakesh says:

    Lovely work! I like the colours you have chosen.

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