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Kitchen Renovation: The door

on May 13, 2012

So who ever tells you that putting in a new exterior door is a quick and easy project is a LIAR! 😉

We (mostly my wonderful husband) put in a new door.  As we were ripping out for the door, we found rot, yup you heard us rot.. The contractors put the metal flashing to protect the wood on the inside of the wood with nothing to protect the outside and water kept hitting it… It crumbled in our hand.. We wound up pulling up our flooring and subfloor (some of it was also rotted) so that we could see into our basement. So we had to fix our structural rot before moving onto putting in the door..
The first day of construction the sun was out and it was gorgeous.. We thought the next day was going to be sunny as well, only to find that the weather had change to RAIN lots and lots of RAIN. So at 1am we were outside putting up a screen tent and duct taping plastic to our house and the tent so that we could work out in the rain and not get soaked.  This whole project took 2ish days, inside trim isn’t done yet.

taking off siding

our ripped out exterior due to rotted wood.

and my flooring gets ripped up

taking up flooring

our ripped out subfloor, say hi to the basement.. Don’t step on the insulation, that would be bad..

Finished door

now we move onto refinishing our kitchen cabinets.. Were attempting to use a product from Rustoleum (

Next time on Darling Kitchen Renovation: Refinishing kitchen cabinets


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