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on January 23, 2012

my birthday flowers

My birthday was Jan. 19th I celebrated it in the hospital, my mother in law had an brain aneurysm. So on one hand not my best birthday, on the other hand my wonderful husband tried, we had lunch out, delicious.. We went to Longhorn steakhouse. I got flowers from my parents, beautiful… and my mother in law made it out of her surgery with flying colors, best gift EVER! Now it’s a wait and see game the doctors say the first 3 weeks are the riskiest.. One of my grandmothers died of this so it’s rather scary.. But we’re cautiously optimistic…

I did finish my 2nd camera case, the first I made for my eldest daughter for xmas. This one I added pockets so it took about 3 attempts to do.. I’m somewhat proud…

So theres my newest post.. I’ll try to post more soon, not to mentions I’m hoping to add more to my Etsy (


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