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on December 28, 2011

our dog Karma has been with us for 13 years and today we had to make the hard choice of whether or not to let her go.   She was in pain, and could barely walk anymore, but she was family..  How in hell did a dog become family??  Because she was a constant in our lives giving us love and comfort whenever we needed it..   She was a mother hen, knew EXACTLY when the kids should be getting off the bus,  and hated it when they spent the night elsewhere.. She’d pace until they came home.  She was guardian, friend, and family.  Now she’s gone.  My family is grief stricken and crushed…  My younger kids have never known life without Karma and she was around for half of my oldests life..  How do you deal with that being cut out..  We took her to Fryeburg Vet to put her to sleep, a life changing event that took all of 20 minutes… Though were grieving we also realize that at least she’s no longer in pain, and she went calmly and peacefully, isn’t that all we can hope for during such a time…


One response to “Karma

  1. danilaine says:

    Though i’ve never known Karma i feel the pain of the loss and i grieve along with you guys. i love you all !!
    And your description of the pain tears me up.

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