Three Fates Fiber

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A Saturday

on January 18, 2009

We got our new cell phones today. I’m happy with it so far I got the pantech matrix and like it. We went to about 3 AT & T stores all sold out called another one and they sold out yesterday. Finally my husband called one and they had the last one. So once again after about 6 months of having no phone I now have my cell phone ( or as I like to call it my electronic leash).. So far its nice, I like the dual slide keypads and it fits nicely in my hand (and for those of you I know who are reading this get your mind out of the gutter 🙂 )… it texts beautifully and thank god it’s not a touch screen.. my last one was and it made me VERY frustrated at times.. My daughter got the Eternity and she loves it so far.. Thats all for tonite.. have a good nite…


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