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moving on

on August 3, 2008

Well we’ve kind of moved on from sadness. We got 2 new kittens they are working out well. sage named the orange one Nicolai and the white one is named Kia (shortened from Cayenne).

Yesterday we went to New hampshire in the white mountains and went hiking to a waterfall, unfortunately in the pouring rain.. it was a 20 min. hike one way. the water fall was very worth it. Can’t remember the name of it right now. We were drowned rats by the time we got back to the truck. When we left half a mile down the road was dry as a bone. So than (since we had no change of clothes) we went to wal-mart in N. conway and bought new outfits for everyone. told the kids that they were school clothes. 🙂 didn’t expect to pay all the extra money, but oh well. Than we decided to go to the Kancamangas Hwy. We went to the lower falls and I have pics of that as well. It was good and we all had fun.. We were all exhausted by the end of the day..

Today were cleaning.. yahoo..


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