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Some weekends

on July 13, 2008

Some times weekends can be crazy. My husband and our friend lived up to the “redneck” definition. They decided to “cut” down a tree with a chain (linked not saw) and a dodge durango. They actually did it with no damage to each other or anyone but it had it’s hair raising moments.. That wasn’t enough they then had to level a shed using the vehicles. I and my friend Sue, had a yard sale. We made a few bucks, but gave ALOT away. We had one woman come with a little boy, his dad sent him with nothing not even a tooth brush and she was low on money so we gave her grocery bags full for a dollar. Another woman came and she does foster care we gave her 2 big trash bags for 5 dollars.. Like I said not exactly a big money day, but we did feel good about helping people a little. I also worked on some of my weaving..

I did a little destashing with my fiber stash this weekend as well and placed them on ebay. I decided I probably wasn’t going to use those ones and I wanted to make more room for roving and yarn that I know I’d use.. I’m trying to get my studio into better shape, we’ve been working on it. Somedays I wonder if I’ll ever have order to that room.. Just figured I’d do alittle updating. 🙂


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