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My Darling Daughter, Sage

on June 24, 2008

My wonderful darling daughter, Sage just got her permit. We almost made the door to a 7-11 bigger today. She accidently hit the gas instead of the break.. But she did well, she was very controlled, until after and then she almost cried. I told her everyone does it at one time or another. Funny part is that only ONE person inside the store even saw it happen, and he was coming out as we were almost going in. He just laughed. she didn’t think I’d let her drive after but I did, barely. Oh well just breathe, right?


One response to “My Darling Daughter, Sage

  1. Anonymous says:

    tell Sage Ive done that a bunch of times! its nothing to worry about ;)I usually laugh it off haha-Carrie!

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