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SPS Team Spring Sale April 18-22

Here is the official list of the Spring Sale Participants :
1. 20% off
2. 20% off
3. 15% off
4. 15% off
5. 15OFF (discount + cc)
6. 20% off
7. 20% off
8. 15% off
9. ~ 15% off
10. – 15% off
11. – 15% off
12. 20% off
13. 15% off
14. 20% off
15. 15% off
16. 10% off
17. 15% off
18. 15% off
19. 10%off
20. 20% off
21. 15% OFFPicMonkey Collage2

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Strategice Promotion for Success Team’s annual Spring Sale, April 18-22.

Strategic Promotion For Success Team Enjoy some great deals with the Strategice Promotion for Success Team’s annual Spring Sale, April 18-22.

Use coupon code SPRING16 to get discounts during the event. For more info follow the link below..

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Sandwich Bread

Life After Wheat

Yeast Breads

Whenever I talk to someone who is just starting to eat gluten free, the first question is always what to do for bread. Bread is such a staple, and it really is tough to find a good gluten free version. We’ve tried many a store bought variety, but they are super expensive and most don’t even taste very good. 

I have waited a loooong time to post a bread recipe because I wanted it to be really good. This is it. It isn’t grainy. It isn’t crumbly. It is soft and has that yummy freshly-baked smell and taste. It also happens to be quite easy and quick to make.

Like any gluten free product, it’s best served fresh. If you aren’t going to eat it the same day, store it in a bread bag in the fridge. If it is going to take you more than 4-5 days to eat…

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Make a mosaic for your garden: Here’s how to make a Mosaic Garden Ball

Definitely on my must try list…

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Winter in Maine so far this year..

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My commute

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Gypsy Wagons

Gypsy Wagons are amazing in their artwork and design. What beautiful form and function of an object.. Saw these ones at the Fryeburg Fair this fall..





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You are not to fat for Jui Jitsu

Awesome article on questioning whether or not your to fat for Jui Jitsu?  A question I’ve asked my self a time or two.  The answer is a resounding NO!


Moosehead camping trip

We went camping up in moosehead Maine. Such a beautiful area. We went with our friends The Landry’s and much like last year it was adventurous…. Though we didn’t wind up on North Woods Law like last year. The Landrys car broke down on the 2nd day of camping. The A frame (I think) broke on those bumpy bumpy roads. Than I decided to step on an ax that fileted my middle toe, leading to me going to the hospital and receiving 6 stitches that run from the top of my toe to the bottom. All that aside it was fun. We hiked moxie falls and that hike is gorgeous! We also checked out the B52 crash site which was sad and pretty cool.. Now its back to school for the kiddies and reality for the parents.. If I could run from the coming winter ( I hate winter and cold) I would.

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Summer Vacation

What did we do for Summer vacation???? We spent a few weeks in Minnesota visiting family. We drove from Maine to Minnesota.

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We spent some time at The Mall of America and Como Zoo.  My husband and children were able to go to the Microsoft store which they were stoked about…


We had fun, helped my parents and sister on there house, had a family reunion and as always played lots of cards with my mom… oh yeah, we may of also had a few drinks ;-)….

Now were back home and back to hockey, weaving, working and fixing our own house.   We plan on going camping once this summer sometime this or next month.. Maybe Moosehead area again…  Oh well so there’s a chunk of my summer so far… ‘Til next time…

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